May 2013 - Present
    Developing experiences that creates innovative interactions with the world through Context Aware solutions.


    Jul 2013 - Mar 2015

    Mobile Apps creation with a Design Thinking tailored methodology called MAAP.


    Agile Project Manager
    Jun 2014 - Jul 2015
    Work as Agile Project Manager, serving as enabler and a leader for teams working on banking solutions.
    The projects are analytical and operational banking topics like taxes, accounting, deposits and loans for Latin America and North America.

    Main tasks involves fostering innovation, removing impediments, protecting the team, managing risks, helping on requirements understanding, helping on timelines definition, setting of expectations and engaging with stakeholders. Also coaching the team regarding Lean, Agile, Scrum, Agile Software Engineering and Design Thinking topics.
    Software Developer
    Aug 2010 - May 2014

    Software developer and Scrum Master for Banking solutions.
    Working in analytical and operational topics related to taxes, accounting, deposits and loans for Brazil, Argentina and Russia.


    Technical Leader
    Jul 2008 - Aug 2010
    I've worked as a leading web development projects using some knowledge and skills related to Project Management using PMI process and Agile Methodologies.
    The team was developing solutions using Web 2.0 concept with Ajax techniques and WebServices using C#(ASP.NET) and PHP, as well as extensive work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to ensure applications with good performance, cross-browser and compliant with W3C standards.
    At this time I worked in related projects like internal lectures, aiming to promote knowledge sharing inside the company.
    Systems Analyst
    Apr 2004 - Jul 2008
    I've worked in software development teams focused on web development. I worked actively on products to help ITIL adoption, Network Management, reporting and tasks tracking.

    I also participated in extra activities like groups of for quality improvement and knowledge transfer initiatives.


    Oct 2007 - Mar 2015
    Founder at Pletax.com, a portal for knowledge hacking subjects.

    Agile Methodologies

    Scrum and XP

    Project Management

    PMI, Agile, Risk Management

    Lean Software Development

    Kanban, Continuous Improvement, Waste reduction and Just in Time principle

    Software/Hardware Development

    JavaScript, Prototyping, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, manufacturing

    Douglas Hermann

    Specialist Developer at SAP
    Felipe Santos is an innovative professional, always familiar to new technologies and methodologies. He is deep knowledgeable of the web universe, which he dominates as few.

    Luiz Felipe Trevisan

    Software Architect at ADP
    Felipe was an excellent classmate always focused on the classes and very interested in acquire new knowledge. I recommend him as a great professional with no objections.

    Henrique Schuster

    Sw Analyst at Inst. de Pesquisas Eldorado
    Felipe is a easygoing and thoughtful co-worker and colleague.
    Always in the path to develop himself professionally, showing great skill for web development and agile project management.

    Lisiano Lampert

    Web developer
    Felipe "plets" is an excellent professional, coordinates the activities carried out by anyone on your team besides having a great experience and knowledge in web development.

    Gustavo Zirbes

    Software Developer
    In the more than 3 years I worked with Felipe, I could be sure he would be a successful professional. Always led our team to deliver the best solution, following the highest standards of development and team management.

    Denilson Rodeghiero

    Systems Analyst at Embratec Good Card
    Felipe is a person who is always learning and teaching. A man that works hard and always do the best he can (and believe me, his best is above average).
    Personally is a great friend.

    Sérgio Cristiano da Cruz

    Banking Consultant at Capgemini
    For the past six years, I've been working with Felipe at iVirtua and now at SAP. Felipe was a natural leader with a open mind for new ways of doing the job. He's always trying to suggest alternatives to perform the tasks better and faster. He also shared his knowledge with colleagues in several initiatives.

    Rafael Figueiredo

    Quality Engineer / Developer at SAP  
    I have worked with Felipe in a software development scrum team, where he plays the role of scrum master and developer. He's very talented in both roles, exceeding my expectations all the time. He is an open minded guy, self-taught, technology enthusiast, with entrepreneur profile, and has a total commitment with team goals. I very much appreciate work with him.

    Fernando Rodrigues

    Product Owner at SAP
    Innovation, creativity, technology, projects. These are some of the words that explain Felipe Plets, an innovative and dedicated professional. He likes and promotes technology by example, since he takes over of development tasks and also helps his team colleagues to learn faster and work like him. Besides that, he’s a good speaker and a Design Thinking methodology ambassador.
    I’m lucky to have him as a close colleague, and SAP is lucky to have him as a professional.

    Andre Leitzke

    Software Developer at SAP
    I had the pleasure to work with Plets for about half an year directly in the same Scrum Team, and for almost three years in total on the Banking Localization project.
    In both cases he was always a great colleague, capable to execute his activities as scrum master and as developer almost without interference in each other, and delivering quality and velocity to the team in both.
    Aside from his responsibilities, he is always looking forward, seeking knowledge about new technologies, and connected to the newest advances in terms of software development processes.

    Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos

    Master's Degree Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.


    Bachelor Information Systems


    Studied topics like Database Management, Mobile Development, Backend Development, Frontend Development, Web Development, Artificial Inteligente, Information and Knowledge Management.

    Activities: Runned a project to develop a conference paper evaluation system.

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